Belt-Making Course

traditional english bridle leather belt

What’s better than owning or gifting a beautifully-made, traditional English bridle leather belt? Making your own!

Yes, it can be done; with a little tuition and guidance, you will leave the workshop with a belt of the highest quality. Not only this, you will never look at a belt the same again knowing what goes into making one and how to spot a truly well-crafted piece of work. 

The one-day course is perfect for one or two people which allows me to give you all of my time and attention. You’ll learn all about leather, tools and techniques including:

  • What leather is
  • Different types of leather
  • Methods of tanning
  • Hallmarks of a traditional, quality English belt
  • Cutting a leather strip using a plough
  • Making a belt template
  • Punching holes with different types of punch
  • Cutting leather with different blades
  • Using a creasing iron
  • Bevelling, finishing and burnishing edges
  • Skiving techniques
  • Saddle stitching
  • Treating your leather belt

This is a really fun course which I never tire of teaching! Perfect if you want to give leather crafting a go, to make someone a present or to give the course as a gift (gift certificates available).

I’m running this course in Devon at a special summer rate of £120 per person which includes leather, buckle and unlimited tea and coffee! Contact me to book or purchase a gift certificate.

“Thank you so much for a great day – really, really enjoyed it. I now want to do more though! Seriously, it was brilliant.”

(Claire made a belt for her husband’s 50th birthday but shhh it’s not until May)

a finished leather belt for a 50th birthday present