About Hawkbill Leather

Inspired by my cobbler grandfather and leathersmith uncle, the passion for working with leather was always in my blood. However, I spent many years as a veterinary surgeon before trading the scalpel for the hawkbill knife and turning a hobby into a full-time small business.

christian bamber in his leatherworks studio
Portrait courtesy of Drew Graves https://linktr.ee/drewgravesfilm


As my family once did, I make unique leather pieces here in Devon using traditional English leather craftsmen tools and the finest full-grain leather. No two pieces are ever the same so you can be sure of having something totally original, bespoke and unique to only you. 

The designs are created in-house by me and then carefully crafted by hand to produce the finished product, a process which can take from days to weeks depending on the item.

The end result will be chunky, robust, beautiful, and unique. With a little TLC, it’ll last last a lifetime and longer – each product comes with a lifetime guarantee (my lifetime anyway!) so you can be sure of owning a quality product.

If you value something that is not cut from a mould, stamped out from a machine, or produced in a factory then my leathers will give you immense satisfaction. I believe in keeping our fine traditions and crafts alive before we are entirely overcome by automation and digitisation. If you believe in this too, then own a bespoke heritage product and show everyone the art of leather crafting is still alive.