leather craft tools

Hello. My name is Christian Bamber and I make unique leather pieces here in Cornwall using traditional English leather craftsmen tools and the finest full grain leather. No two pieces are ever the same so you can be sure of having something totally original, bespoke and unique to only you. 

The designs are created in-house by me and then carefully crafted by hand to produce the finished product, a process which can take from days to weeks depending on the item.

The end result will be chunky, robust, beautiful, maybe even idiosyncratic. It’ll last a lifetime and longer – each product comes with a lifetime guarantee (my lifetime anyway!) so you can be sure of owning a quality product.

If you value something that is not cut from a mould, stamped out from a machine, or produced in a factory then my leathers will give you immense satisfaction. I believe in keeping our fine traditions and crafts alive before we are entirely overcome by automation and digitisation. If you believe in this too, then own a bespoke heritage product and show everyone the art of leather crafting is still alive.